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Ostomized Patients

Ibrapper and inflammatory bowel diseases: 

Nutritional support, integrative therapies and Stomatherapist Nurses

Drug treatment and an individualized diet are the best way to manage inflammatory diseases depending on the severity, extent of the disease and the location involved in the intestine.

Even with clinical treatment, if the patient begins to present worsening of symptoms or acute or chronic complications, even early, some patients may even present neoplasms, a surgical approach may be necessary.

From this approach, the patient can be submitted to the construction of an opening of the intestine for the exit of the feces through the abdominal wall called an ostomy (ileostomies, colostomies)

For this new situation, the patient needs to use a stool collection device, popularly known as a colostomy bag, which can be temporary or permanent.

The Stomatherapist Nurse is the specialized professional to support the patient in this care

From pre-op to post-op, guiding all the necessary care for a better recovery and quality of life for this patient.

(Text prepared by stomatherapist Mariana Pasquini)

Mr João receiving care and guidance from stomatherapist Mariana Pasquini on how to take care of stoma hygiene

How to care for the stoma


Note the color (must be bright red), brightness, moisture, size and shape of the stoma

The cleaning of the surrounding skin needs to be done with water and neutral soap, without rubbing or using sponges.

The hair around the stoma must be trimmed very short with curved-tipped scissors.

Always use collecting equipment (bag) suitable for the type of stoma (intestinal or urinary)

Empty the bag when it is at 1/3 of its capacity, avoiding excessive weight and plate detachment

Change colostomy bags every five days or sooner if necessary

Do not cut the plate too far from the stoma, keeping only 3 mm of bare skin around it, avoiding hurting it with feces or urine 

Make sure the plate is well adapted to the skin. Leave no creases to avoid leaks

Store the spare bags in an airy, clean, dry place, out of direct sunlight, without bending them.

Do not use substances such as alcohol, benzine, colognes, tincture of benzoin, ointments and creams. These products can dry out the skin, cause injuries and allergic reactions, as well as prevent the cup from sticking, which tends to come off and leak.

Pacientes recebendo atendimento da equipe Multidisciplinar do Instituto Ibrapper

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 Sr João recebendo os cuidados e orientações pela estomaterapeuta Mariana Pasquini de como cuidar da higienização do estoma

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Receiving care from stomatherapist Fabiana Diogo

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Tauany, recebendo atendimento da estomaterapeuta Fabiana Diogo

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Our evolution sheets are analyzed and each service has its differential according to the Interagent's complaint!

Service provided by psychotherapist Edilaine and assisted Thais Roberta

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The psychologist's work understands how thoughts and feelings are formed.

It works in several areas that deal with the human being, helping the good psychological health of each assisted person.

According to the anamnesis, our assisted are directed to the calls.

Interagent Olinda under the care of Psychologist Rosicler

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Ostomy: artificial opening of any hollow organ of the body created surgically.

Urinary or intestinal stomas are surgically performed on the abdominal wall, with the aim of eliminating urine or feces. 
Due to this condition, the patient needs to use special collection equipment, the famous bags. 

Ostomies performed in children usually happen due to some disease, malformation or trauma and are mostly temporary. It has high reversal rates. Pediatric stomas have the function of eliminating urine or feces, relieving or decompressing the pressure in the organs of the abdomen and or recovering the function of that organ that was affected. 

Here at Ibrapper, we guide parents and family members in the care of the ostomy/ostomy of this child and provide all the necessary psychosocial support to the child and his family. 

Come and learn more about our work.

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Interagent Gabriela Salun receiving care from the stomotherapist nurse Fabiana Diogo

Estomoterapeuta orientando o paciente de como fazer a higienização do José Ricieri1.jpeg
Estomoterapeuta orientando o paciente de como fazer a higienização do José Ricieri.jpeg


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Assistance with the LAE technique (Energy Joint Release)

Helping to release joint tension as per protocol after anamnesis!

Assisted: Marisa from the Kaayton Institute

Technique applied by the therapist André

Interactor Martha. daughter: paul psychotherapist Edilaine

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Interagente Eva Sashalmi e a Psicoterapeuta Edilaine

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Eva Sashalmi receiving treatment from physical therapist Thaysa Carrea

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Interagente recebendo atendimento do Educador Físico Prof. Felipe Arruda

Ana Navarro.jpeg

Eva Sashalmi

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Interagente recebendo atendimento do Educador Físico Felipe Arruda

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Interagente Marcos e a Psicoterapeuta Edilaine

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Interagente Marcos e a Reflexoterapeuta Márcia

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Interagente D. Helena e a Reflexoterapeuta Priscila


Interagente André e, a Reflexoterapeuta Karen e  a Psicoterapeuta Edilaine


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Técnica de Reflexoterapia sendo realizada pela Terapeuta Palhas Silmara.

Reflextherapy technique being performed by Therapist Palhas Silmara.

Protocol made according to the complaint of the interactor, who in this case is getting ready to start the chemotherapy session.

Reflexotherapy helps in the balance of the body so that the interactant does not suffer so much from the reaction that she may have.

Of course, each person reacts differently to treatment and that's why we have a different protocol for this process of balance and detoxification of the body.

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Ana Navarro



Parte da equipe com a paciente Olinda.jpeg

Part of the team with the patient Olinda

Paciente Zeneide.jpeg

Zeneide patient

Yuri bebê ostomizado.jpeg

ostomized baby yuri

Anthony sendo atendido com a reflexoterapia3.jpeg

Anthony being treated with reflex therapy

Anthony sendo atendido com a reflexoterapia1.jpeg
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Enquanto a mamãe está em atendimento a tia Gi cuida e capricha no desenho2.jpeg

While mom is in attendance, aunt Gi takes care of and fancies in the drawing

Enquanto a mamãe está em atendimento a tia Gi cuida e capricha no desenho1.jpeg
Alessandra recebendo atendimento com reflexoterapia e craniopuntura2.jpeg

Alessandra receiving treatment with reflexotherapy and craniopuncture

Alessandra recebendo atendimento com reflexoterapia e craniopuntura3.jpeg
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We all know the importance for us women, the relationship between hair and self-esteem.
Our dear Jussara got even more beautiful!
She, who is going through the chemotherapy process, in addition to the colorful scarves she uses as adornments, today was even more radiant with her new look!
And look at what a capricious look to enhance female empowerment even more.

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WhatsApp Image 2021-05-18 at
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