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reflex therapy

Reflexotherapy is a complementary therapy that does not replace medical treatment, but together with it increases the body's ability to fight cancer, decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Combined with conventional medicine, it emerges as a new global trend in cancer treatment.

Non-invasive and non-drug, Reflextherapy aims to restore the balance (homeostasis) of the functions of the human body and maintain the health of the organism, consequently improving the quality of life of the individual.

Through pressure stimuli on free nerve terminals in the feet, Reflextherapy prevents physical and emotional imbalances, bringing improvements throughout the body and a smooth feeling of relaxation after each session. In the case of cancer patients who are undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormonal treatment, it is essential that reflex therapy is applied only by highly qualified therapists. Reflexotherapy is an excellent complementary therapy, which can bring concrete and lasting benefits, tranquility, well-being and pain relief.


Auriculotherapy is a technique in which the auricular pavilion is used to perform stimuli, taking advantage of the reflex that the auricle exerts on the Central Nervous System.

Auriculotherapy stimulates points, located in the ear, which correspond to all the organs and functions of the body. It aims at the normalization of the organs in disequilibrium, either by stimulation or by the simple fact of balancing the reflex points, thus achieving great results.

Manual Therapy (Chiropractic)

This therapy returns movements, frees the joints, reduces or eliminates pain, improves the natural conditions of the body.
Through joint adjustments made with the hands, without the use of medication or invasive procedures to the body, it helps in orthopedic, neurological or postural treatments, improving your quality of life, as well as your professional or sports performance.


The service with Psychoanalysis aims at the emotional balance of the individual guiding the person in the solution of their existential problems, such as: phobias, anxieties, depressions, obsessions, anguish, crises of all psychic order and emotional balance.

Psychoanalytic treatment is not based on medication, it is a treatment done with words, where patients report about their suffering and find the meaning behind what happens to them, because, through speech, the unconscious is revealed.
Psychoanalysis is a new way of approaching the psychic conditions corresponding to states of unhappiness and social behavior.

Thermal Acupuncture

It is a therapeutic technique made by burning the herb Artemisia Sinensis and Artemisia Vulgaris, it is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on the same principles and knowledge of the energy meridians of acupuncture.


The Psychologist studies the psychic and behavioral phenomena of human beings through the analysis of their emotions, ideas and values. He diagnoses, prevents and treats mental illness, emotional and personality disorders. He observes and analyzes the patient's attitudes, feelings and mental mechanisms and seeks to help him identify the causes of problems and review inappropriate behavior.


Stomatherapy is the health area responsible for preventing the loss of skin integrity, performing advanced treatment of people with wounds (acute and chronic), rehabilitating those with stomas and incontinence (urinary or anal) and performing care with fistulas, catheters, drains. and tubes.


And the science that studies, diagnoses, prevents and recovers patients with intercurrent functional kinetic disorders in organs and systems of the human body. The Physiotherapy professional has human movement as its object of study. He is qualified to carry out the diagnosis of kinetic-functional disorders, prognosis, prescription, intervention and discharge. The objective is to preserve, maintain, develop or restore (rehabilitate) the integrity of organs, systems or functions. Using knowledge and own resources as part of the therapeutic process in psycho-physical-social conditions to improve the quality of life.

Aromatherapy is a therapy that provides a feeling of well-being, both physical and psychological, which uses the properties of pure essential oils. It shows that there are links between smell and feelings. By inhaling aromas, the olfactory channels send the message directly to the limbic system, the part of the nervous system that is responsible for emotions.


Quantum Florals
Floral Frequencies are frequencies extracted from flowers, they act by resonance and vibrations, thus providing better results in physical and emotional energy balance, contributing to well-being and quality of life.

Access Bars 
Access Consciousness Bars is a body therapy that allows the mind and body to begin to let go of thoughts, ideas, conditioning, emotions, attitudes and limiting beliefs that have been registered about any situation and experience. Neuroscience proves, through scientific studies with the use of electroencephalograms, the behavior of brain waves before and after an Access Bars session, concluding that brain frequencies of the Awakened Mind or High Performance Mind are reached. The therapy consists of gently touching 32 points on the head that   release   effortlessly and easily, stagnant energies that limit us.

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